OOTD // Raid Your Friend's Closet

Okay, so I've featured Kirsten on this blog occasionally. She's my best friend and we think alike in sooo many ways. One of the many things we share in common is a love for fashion. We feel silly sometimes by how enamored we are by it, but hey, what can I say? One of us has a fashion blog for Pete's sake!
Anyways, yesterday we were hanging out and had an impromptu photoshoot. After rifling through her closet, I put together a look that I believe I may steal. 

So first off: Kirsten's look!

Outfit Details:   Sweater: thrifted   Leggings: gift   Boots: (thrifted) Hot Kiss   Scarf: (gift) Rue 21

The girl's a master at scarves and sweaters. She thrifts the best stuff! The scarf in this picture is actually an early Christmas gift from me. :) Glad to see she's already getting some use out of it. Then of course, she's rocking her fave boots. 

So here's what I put together from her closet:

Outfit Details:   Parka: Sears   Sweater: (thrifted) Gap   Dress: Rue 21   Boots: Payless   Belt: thrifted

Yes, I'm pretty certain that coat and dress may disappear from her closet if she doesn't keep a close on them...
Haha, they're actually both new additions to her closet and I had fun putting outfits together. Isn't that floral print just perfect!? I'm loving the fall colors in it.

I'm taking that girl shopping with me again, because she sure knows how to score fantastic finds!

Have a best friend's closet that you're constantly raiding?


Francesca R said...

Well you stole a pretty good outfit from her closet!! That's what friends are for!!!!

Christy U lam said...

Very nice effortless style.

Veronica Popoiacu said...

i love that cardigan!

Red to Yellow said...

looks cute and comfy!

Emily. said...

so cute! i'm like this with my friends all the time. haha. love your blog - so cute!
following :)


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