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Outfit Details:   Cardigan: Debs   Tshirt: Target   Tank: DownEast Basic   Jeans: Kmart   Boots: thrifted   Bag: thrifted   Necklace: Vanity

Isn't this sweater just amazing!?

You know that last post where I said I went to the mall? Well, this was one of my finds. I snatched it up for $9. I'm in love with the drape, pattern, and absolute coziness of it! When I put it on, it felt like I'd just wrapped myself in a blanket. 

So I went completely with the Indian feel of the print, and styled it with my desert boots, fringe bag, and newly acquired feather necklace. 

And I know some people have made a fuss about how society has mainstreamed "Navajo" and it's an insult to their heritage and all...but really? Its just a name for a style! A style that I happen to love very much. 

It's been raining all day, and although it's not snow, I can still appreciate it. After doing some errands in town today, I was able to come home, kick up my feet, and pop in a movie. The Blindside is a fantastic movie in my opinion. No one does it quite like Sandra Bullock does! Love that woman. 


Tonya said...

SO CUTE! This is probably my favorite look from you! I adore the pattern on the cardigan and the fringe bag is so perfect with it. Very very cute, love it :)

Cathy said...

Cute laid-back look, and fringe bag. (:
Mind checking out my blog? (:

t said...

Nice outfit!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love the boho feel of this outfit. What an amazing cardigan, and for 9 bucks? That's amazing...I want it. Anyways, you look so lovely!

vintage process said...

Great look!! I love it!!

Skinny said...

love the prints on the cardi

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