LIFE LATELY // Happy New Year + Goodbye 2011

Can you believe 2011 is practically over? It went by so fast! Another year (the big, scary 2012 haha) is upon us.
I have many hopes for this new year, and I'm sure we all do. It's fun to think how we're starting fresh. A new year and a new resolution.

So, since I haven't really been doing outfit posts long enough to do a rundown of my favorites from this year, I'm doing a sort of farewell to 2011 and showing what has made it such a fantastic year.

Here are the things that through 2011 have made me extra jolly:

So I don't have a picture for this (yet), but the reason I didn't post for the past two days was because I was with my team competing in a girl's basketball tournament. And guess what?

We came in first place :D

I cannot tell you how much screaming/hugging/dancing went down afterwards. Haha, it was a truly triumphant night. We've worked so hard since last year (when we came in a bittersweet 2nd place) to make it this far. And we've proved ourselves. We are the first girl's team at my small, private school to win a first place trophy AND get a banner!

I think that memory of winning will remain at the top of my list.

So, I made it on the Royal Court last Homecoming! I thought that was an honor enough, but then I was voted Spirit Week Princess, which was just plain flattering. I didn't know people thought so highly of me! So here I am with the Spirit Week Prince. Haha, and before you assume anything, we were nothing but friends.

The Royal Court

So this was when I first mastered the winged liner. Changed my life. Haha, I don't know what I'd do without liquid liner now!

I secretly love Disney movies...oh come on! You know you loved Tangled too. Just too darn cute. :)

The friends and experiences I made while at a summer writing camp are priceless. I never felt such inspiration or complete harmony as I did during that week. It was magic. All of us young writers, just encouraging and sharing our work with each other. It was so much fun!

Then of course there were unforgettable bonfire moments. Everybody broke out the instruments they'd brought along and we sang (most of us off-key) at the top of our lungs! :)

Which reminds me. I've been playing guitar for over a year now, and I must thank my cousin in the Philippines for spending so much time teaching me when I visited. Thank you so much! It is a skill I will always treasure.
Also, because of writing camp, I had some of my writings published! Thank you so much. :)

These thrifted Roxy boots have made my fall/winter outfits so much better.

Another shoe that's made my feet happier. These wedged, lace-up boots from Kirsten! :D I'm in love with them.

So I just have to throw in what a wonderful dog I have. Haha, Prince is just too adorable, and I love him. He always cheers me up.

These are my newly bought boho feather earrings from Forever 21. I'm already adding them to all my casual outfits to dress them up!

Another only recent addition of happiness, would be my cheetah scarf, which was a Christmas gift. So happy I finally got one! :) I'd been lusting for one for ages!

Another Forever 21 jewelry piece that's made me very happy. This feather/rock statement necklace has been featured on here so much. It just steps up any outfit!

And of course, my family is something that has filled my life with so much happiness and love. ♥

So remember all the things (experiences, people, etc.) in your life that have gotten you through 2011.

Here's to a New Year filled with even brighter opportunities!


Sarah said...

Happy New Year! I love your photos - though when I was scrolling through and saw your scarf, at a quick glance I thought you were hugging a snake! Seems you have a cuter pet in the shape of a lovely dog though!! ;)


kb said...

looks like you had a great year! x

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