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Outfit Details:   Cardigan: (thrifted) White House Black Market   Shirt: ella moss   Necklace: Debs   Slacks: 7 Jeans   Sneakers: Air Walk

I guess you wouldn't normally pin me for a sneakers girl...but when it's a Converse look-alike in pink? 
Oh yes.
I got a lot of comments on how sweet they are. Ha, and I gotta agree! They're so practical for school. I'm sure I'll be getting a lot more wear out of them. 
Also, my leopard cardigan! This is another score while prowling through the Goodwills when we were passing through California. I love cheetah print and I always search for it on the racks!

Well, I took my ACT today...
And I'm pretty sure I bombed the Math and Science section...ugh. Reading and English was a breeze, but I had 5 blanks left on the Math one. Then when the instructor announced we had 5 minutes left on the Science part, I just thought 'Screw it' and started randomly filling in bubbles using the logic of "Oh, haven't used C in a while..."

Yeah, I'm sure it'll be great.
Oh well, won't have to worry about the results for another 8 weeks or so!

So afterwards, I did some Christmas shopping to de-stress then drove over to see an old friend of mine. It felt so good to reconnect and just laugh like we always do. :) Then we decided we'd try to bake cookies. Problem is, we're both disasters in the kitchen. What was supposed to be double chocolate cookies turned into double chocolate pancake/cake things. Haha, because we'd tried editing the recipe and added milk (yeah, real smart, I know). Anyway, we started over and made Snickerdoodles, diligently sticking to the recipe this time. ;)

I don't what I'd do without my girl friends!


Anonymous said...

waw, pretty leopard!!hehe

Kassi said...

Oooh I love your cardigan. What a great thrift find!!
I am sorry your ACTs stressed you a bit but I am glad you got to decompress with a friend and cookies. :)

I'm a new follower, would love for you to check out my blog sometime and follow back if you're interested!

Sarah said...

I hope you did ok in your exams! I love your necklace and your cardigan! xo

Jamie said...

Really love you in these sneakers!! Hope we see more of them on you ;-)

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