BEAUTY // Fair Isle Sweater Nails

I figured I'd try to show a simple nail tutorial. I usually find inspiration on the internet and do my best to re-create it using the nail polish I already have. To keep things affordable, I usually find nail stuff at dollar stores.

These three polishes I got from Honks on a Tuesday because that's when everything in the store is 88 cents. I know, I'm extremely cheap, but hey! Why spend more when you can have the same results?

So here is the picture that inspired this nail tutorial. I call them fair isle sweater nails just because they remind me of those sweaters! Does anybody else see it? 
Haha, maybe it's just me.

Anybody see it? Fair Isle Sweater nails! Haha

 Here's the obvious first step:

1) Paint the gray base coat onto your nails.

2) Using a thin, nail art polish, I painted on the red arrow-like ridges.

3) Then using a white nail pen, simply follow your red ridges and outline it with white. 

4) Then, for a fun detail, you can try and re-create the white flower like the actual picture shows, or like me, create a white dot pattern on one finger. Or all of them if you like!

Well, there you go. A simple, 4 step nail tutorial. I'm not sure if I did this clearly, so maybe I'll stick to fashion posts. Just thought I'd try and switch things up a little. :)

I apologize for my camera's horrible focusing and the terrible lighting...perhaps I'll put up a fashion post just to make up for this one...

Hope this might've helped in some way! Or at least you'll have a fun idea for your nails.


Sidney Salim said...

That a really adorable nail design!
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Kassi said...

That is really cute! I love this idea!

Joandy said...

very creative girl, love these nails!!!

Vicky said...

<3 like!!

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