FASHION INSPIRATION // Untraditional Thanksgiving

So in case you didn't know, my family and I traveled for the holidays, and no, we're not staying with family. 
It's just us after all. 
However, I wouldn't have it any other way. There were times before that I wished we could have a more traditional way to spend holidays, but I've realized it doesn't matter where you spend it. 
It's who you spend it with.
And I happen to be able to spend it with the best two people in the world. 
My parents. :) 
They have taught me so much, and I won't gush too much about them, but let's just say that they truly are a blessing, and I don't know what (or who!) I'd be without them.

Since I don't have a computer to transfer my pictures onto (just the hotel lobby's business one), I can't truly update this blog with my own pictures, but I figured I'd just upload a collage of photos I've found on the internet that are an inspiration to me.

Something about bright green is super appealing to me. Especially the way these two ladies styled theirs! Orange and green...I'm going to have to keep that color combo in mind...

Right now my closet is seriously lacking some pleather. And I'm dying to get a pair or two! Especially if I find pleather shorts like these.

Tights are an absolute must for me! Especially with winter arriving. I just can't bear to part from my skirts and dresses. Oh, and happy news: I found a polka dot pair and maroon colored ones today ;) You'll be seeing them soon.

I've been drooling over leopard print anything. But especially wedged boots! These style of ankle boots are my absolute favorite. Ah well, perhaps for Christmas.

Another shoe I've noticed is the classic oxford. However, I'm afraid to try this shoe because...well, my calves are quite muscular and I have a feeling these would not flatter them...but! If I find a well priced, cute pair at a thrift store, I just might try them.

So I might have a shoe fetish...haha, but these are another pair that I absolutely adore! I have a thing for boots. Especially when they're all roughed up and you can lace them up. Perfect for winter!

Just as Tonya, from The Moptop, demonstrates. I love how she styled hers.

And of course, an over sized knit sweater that falls off the shoulder is perfect.

So I suppose I should change the title to "Christmas Wish List", huh? 

Haha, hope you all had a Thanksgiving! And remember to be thankful for what you DO have ;) 


BlueVanilla said...

Love good inspiration! You found some nice ones!

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NubiasNonsense said...

I love the green here, I've actually been dying for green pants

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Fátima Payán said...

i want some leather shorts too!

Dee said...

love the blog, so I'm a new follower =)

Tonya said...

You are so sweet :) Thanks so much for featuring me!! I love my boots so much and it looks like you found a lot of other awesome shoes!

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