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I was reminded so much the Blonde Salad's type of sweaters when I saw this at a thrift store last weekend. It may not be as luxe or perfect as one of her's, but I just had to pick it up and try styling it. It's too big for me, but a belt always works magic!

Outfit Details:   Sweater: vintage   Belt: Philippines   Leggings: Old Navy   Boots: No Boundaries   Necklace: Debs

As you can see, it snowed overnight! Just a little, and the wind and sun are already sweeping/melting it away, but just another reminder that winter is on its way! 

Oh, so our basketball game was pretty rough. We were trailing right behind them and I thought we'd have a chance to beat them until the fourth quarter. Man, that was the worst...
So we lost. But we learned a lot from it, and next time we'll come out fighting even harder!

Today we're having a basketball party and going to the local college to watch a game. Before that, me and Kirsten are meeting up to window shop and just talk. I've missed that girl! She's been grounded for two weeks! Last night she was officially ungrounded and she called me on the ride back from my game. We ended up talking for about two hours. 

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Joandy said...

such a pretty sweater, works well with the belt, love your boots too!!

The white cabbage said...

thanks ! following you on bloglovin there another link can't see it

have a nice Sunday


Francesca R said...

You look fab!!! I think that tou ar rocking that sweater!
Come to visit my blog when you have tome and if you want let's follow each other!

Nixie Pyrena said...

nice outfit !! love your sweater, it really looks great on you :)

have a nice day!
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Ugly Duckling said...

Like this look a lot! And you got snow too, so envious. Everyone on the blogs I read seem to be getting snow right now. I love snow so i wish I could get it too!

Hope you'll stop by my blog soon and follow me if you like! :)

Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING <3 xxx

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Makeup & Art Freak said...

Thank you so much! :) Following you now! <3

Lucija said...

Love this post, I think it's one of the best yet on your blog. Huge respect, the blog's so pretty!!
Follow each other? :)


Stacey Kay said...

What a great find!

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Anonymous said...

cool <3
your blog so gorgeous
wanna follow each other ?

Francesca R said...

Hi I am following you back through bloglovin and the follow button on the upper left corner as i don't see the Google friend connect buttn. Let me know if it's just a matter of my PC!

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty, and the belt makes the sweater look more stylish! :) I also take inspiration from Chiara, she has an amazing style! :)

Ugly Duckling said...

Thanks for following me and leaving a comment too!

Following you now. :)

Stop by my blog again soon! xxx

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