LIFE LATELY // Roadtrip Collage!

Boy, sorry for not posting much! It was difficult getting anything up while we were on the road, then once I got back I had to catch up in school work and prepare for our basketball game.
One thing right after another. I cannot wait for Christmas break already!

So here's some outfit snippets from the Thanksgiving trip I took:

Outfit Details:   Kimono: Rue21   Shirt: Mossimo   Pants: (thrifted) Style&Co   Boots: Mudd   Sunglasses: vintage

Family picture!

Aren't they just adorable? :)

Couldn't resist all the teal-ness that was present ;)

Reflection! I thought it'd be a cool idea. Hotel bathrooms have so many mirrors!

Past meets present! Haha

I know, it's a crazy barrage of pictures!
We have a family thing where we drive vintage go-karts, since my dad's really into it. He had one as a kid and when he found out other old guys like him were still driving them, he immediately got more info and joined the club.
So now we go to go-kart meets and race around. Mostly him, but occasionally I'll hop in the driver's seat too!
Since we were only gone for 5 days, I packed recyclable outfits. Jeggings are an absolute must for roadtrips! 
Well, hopefully I'll be able to go back to regular blogging. Although we have 2 more games this week so probably not until the weekend. Ah well. 

Hope you're all recovering from Thanksgiving leftovers and settling back into work!

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Joandy said...

looks like you had so much fun with your family!! beautiful pics, love your burgundy pants, and checker shirt!!

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