OOTD // Monday Morning Blues

Lots of blues and purples in today's outfit. Kind of how I felt today too. Some Mondays its just extra tough to roll out of bed and get dressed...

Outfit Details:   Dress: Route 66   Jacket: Mix It   Shirt: PacSun   Scarf: mom's   Leg Warmers: Claires   Boots: gift

My super thick leg warmers kept me toasty warm today! I actually had to take them off halfway through the day because they got too hot.

Aren't my purple leopard nails awesome!? Haha, I'm excited by how well they turned out. I got a lot of comments on them today and a couple people mentioned how they looked like those press on nail art.

Oh so this last weekend when me and Kirsten went window shopping? Well, we hit some amazing clearances. I've seen a polka dot dress of theirs that caught my eye this summer, but it was priced for $40, which is way too much for just one item. So I drag Kirsten into PacSun with me (it's my absolute favorite store) and while rifling through the clearance rack (it's where you can find me at every store), I came across that summer dress knocked down to $3! 
You can bet I whipped that baby up to the cashier. 
I also found a floral tank top and some really pretty turquoise and gold earrings which I'm sure you'll be seeing on here soon. All in all, a good shopping day.

Well, not much else to comment on. I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving! We're traveling to California, so we'll get a reprieve from our freezing weather. Also, I just love the feeling when we travel. It's so much fun to go to a completely different place. 

Also, lots of outfits to plan for then! ;) Ha, actually, since we don't have a laptop (I know, we're so outdated) I'll have to pre-prepare most of my posts next week when we're on the road. And that'll only work out if the hotel we stay at has a computer...

Eh, well that's not for a week anyway. Still have to get through this one!

<a href="" target="_blank">plus size lace dress</a>

PS: I just tweaked the design on my blog, and since I'm a total newbie to this stuff, let me know what you think! I appreciate feedback :)

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Nixie Pyrena said...

love your nails ! look awesome ! nice scarf btw, it looks great on you :D

have a nice day!
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