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I've discovered your background can dramatically increase visual appreciation when it comes to taking outfit pictures. 
And my backyard will no longer suffice now that I've had shots taken at my favorite building and on top of a canyon. 
Oh well. I crammed it in towards the end of the day and still managed to take adequate pictures! I love this outfit too. :) I got to wear the trench coat I got this summer finally! It was breezy today.

Outfit Details:   Trench: Old Navy   Cardigan: Aeropostale   Skirt: (thrifted) Proenza Schouler for Target   Tights: Forever 21   Boots: Fioni   Necklace: Rue 21

This skirt makes me happy. Haha, the bright blue color just perks up any outfit or mood! These tights are my absolute favorite. I want to go back to Forever 21 and snatch up more patterned tights like these!

My teacher has been bringing her guitar into class lately, so I sneak in and snatch it during free class periods and practice on it. Let me tell you, the steel strings sound so much better from my classical guitar! I love it. I asked her how much she paid for her's and she said it was $425...sheesh. Looks like I'll be sticking to my classical guitar for a while...
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Veronica said...

i love those tights! perfect feel for winter!

Sarah said...

I haven't been able to take pictures anywhere cool for a long time. I've got three places around my house and... that's all, haha. You skirt is a fantastic color, by the way!

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