OOTD // First Day of Snow!!!

Okay, so it was only some flurries in the morning, but still...
It set my internal Christmas alarm off!
I cannot wait to have 2 feet of snow. I want a lot of snow days this year!

Outfit Details:   Cardigan: (thrifted) Hunter's Run   Blouse: Philippines bazaar   Slacks: Dickies   Boots: Mudd   Belt: thrifted   Bracelet: Philippines

Seriously, you have no idea how excited this little bit of snow caused. Haha, my boots were clickety clacketing all across our hardwood floor as I giddily skipped out the door to take these pictures!
I'm a dork, so what?
Haha, this blouse was actually my mom's but since it's too small for her, I happily took it off her hands. I just love the print on it! It's the perfect floral print for fall/winter. 
The Philippines just has the best stuff. For the best prices too! I'm already looking forward to the next time we visit. I have so many ideas on what to look for...
Of course, there's so much more to my mom's home country than just fashion. That's just a fun part of it. ;)
Visiting there and living with my aunt and experiencing the way most of the people live was something I wouldn't trade all the Jeffrey Campbell boots in the world for. But anyway, I'll save my life learning experience for another post. This was just supposed to be a simple one about snow!!! 


Anonymous said...

ou're so sweet ;)

sabrina maida said...

oooow love your blog love your outfit :) i hope in my country have snowing season

Nee said...

this is a really cute outfit:) i'm your new follower now, if you like my blog please follow me too:)


Joandy said...

really, snow already!! I wouldn't mind having some snow on christmas day;)) sweet outfit!!

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