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Today was spent gritting my teeth through quizzes, tests, and eager dogs tugging at the leash
If you didn't read my last post, I walked dogs for community service today for 2 hours. So 6 more left to go before Friday!
In preparation, I figured I'd wear a "don't-mess-with-me" outfit in case I got a mutt who thought he was a badass, which is where the leather jacket came in handy. (because leather jackets = I am a bigger badass than you!). I love my leather jackets. I have two, this one and another with shearling trim. I'm sure it'll make an appearance on my blog soon.
I did have a pretty big test in Philosophy today, along with a Government quiz me and my classmates were nowhere near ready for...
It's pretty sad. We're just a class of procrastinators.

Outfit Details:   Top: thrifted   Jacket: Dollhouse   Jeans: Route 66   Flats: American Eagle   Necklace: Debs

Close up of my shirt and necklace.

So when I showed up at the pound, I had to sign a volunteer waiver, and then I was led to the kennels. The lady who's walked me through everything pulls out a dog and says, "Can you handle a pitbull?"
She must've been pretty impressed by my leather jacket.
But in truth, Sinbad (pitbull's name) is a real sweetheart. We bonded over our 40-minute walk and when I sat on the grass next to him, he plopped himself right on my lap and gave me a sloppy kiss.
What a guy.
So I tried to capture the moment, but of course, using my less-than-impressive cell phone camera did not yield desired results. Here's a taste of what they looked like:

Yeah...all you can see is MY big, fat head.
Sorry Sinbad. Didn't mean to steal your thunder. But you see what kind of dog he is. We barely know each other for half an hour and he's already pawing my chest. I had to stop him mid shot, thus, the awkward picture.
So next time I walk dogs, I'm taking Kirsten with me to take pictures.


C & M said...

aww super sweet photos! love it! :D

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Hi! You have a nice blog:) Follow me!

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