Take Me to Narnia...

Okay, I know I've been going on and on about the weather lately (how lame). But something about the rain gets to me. It stayed crisp and sunny the first half of the day before yielding to stormy skies and unending rain in the evening. Here is how I spent tonight:
  • popped in a movie (Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawntreader for those of you who are curious)
  • painted my nails
  • made tea and enjoyed listening to the pattering rain
And I will quit now before you just completely stop reading the yammering on of a sap. Haha, sorry! I blame it on the weather.
So I didn't take any fashion-y photos, seeing as how the minute I got home from school, I changed into gym clothes and squeezed in an hour of exercise. And after hitting the treadmill, I am not a pretty sight to I'll share a few photos from past years of fall.
Actually, I did take this one photo today. There's my warm mug of tea in hand. You can't see the rain, but it was pouring! Like my pajamas? Haha, they're so comfy!

I'd like to label this: Down to the River to Pray

Oh man these are old. Ha, these are from last year when me and Kirsten visited a ghost town. I spotted this porch swing and gleefully scampered over to sit on it. I know, I'm excited by the weirdest things...

Isn't this tunnel just huge!?

Silver City, ID - ghost town.

Taken that weekend, when I was set on rake duty. As you can see, I got a lot done.

My gorgeous, retarded dog, Prince :) I will have to dedicate a blog post to just him, because man, the stories I could tell...


Abigayel Bryce said...

Like your "rake duty" pictures! they came out really nice! Gotta love Narnia

Linda said...

Thanks! And yes, I love the series :)

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