OOTD // Smell the Leaves In the Air

Wow. Today and yesterday were LONG days.
Is anyone else ready for the weekend to just get here?
Yesterday I went and walked dogs again, this time with a friend. Amanda, Amarius, and I spent two hours jogging dogs and cuddling cats. And I seriously think volunteering at the shelter will be dangerous for me...I just want to take so many animals home with me!
Like Jake, a 7 year old mutt that's so adorable and an absolute sweetheart. He looks like a chocolate brown golden retriever. He's old, and I'm worried no one will adopt him, and I can just tell from the way he gazes up into my eyes and wags his tail hopefully, and how he dug his heels in when I had to put him back in his kennel that...he just wants a home and family to love on him.
See what I mean by dangerous? I get too easily attached!
Go visit your local shelter if you want a pet. Those are the animals that deserve your love.

So today's outfit was very bohemian. I really do love the color of this dress! My teacher was admiring how perfectly my knit hat matched it. Haha, and I thought the leaf pendent really brought out my boho side.
It matched my background of leaves! I'm pretty excited about fall, I must admit. I just wish it'd stay like this until spring came along.
Outfit Details:   Top: ella moss   Dress: garage sale find   Boots: gift   Hat: American Eagle   Necklace: Vanity

There is so much beauty in watching our world shift into winter. That transition is something I never tire of. 

Hope your enjoying your fall weather wherever you are!


Bonnie said...

What gorgeous pictures for fall!! I love the colors of these leaves.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Tonya said...

I LOVE the colors of this outfit :) Green is my favorite color, and I think the darker shade is so perfect for fall. Love it all!

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