OOTD // Procrastination

So, never procrastinate. I know, you've heard this multiple times from parents, teachers, etc. But seriously. Don't do it. Not unless you enjoy feeling stressed out! And I do not. Especially since I've run out of Proactiv to help me fight the signs of stress....
Haha, okay, so what I've fallen behind on is community service. We're supposed to get 10 hours done each quarter, which is totally doable.
Unless you forget about it until the last week possible to do it.
So today I didn't get home till 8 since I had a basketball scrimmage after school, then zipped right over to the soup kitchen after that to serve for 2 hours.
8 hours to go!
Tomorrow I'm walking puppies down at the shelter :) So this might be enjoyable since I love animals!
So sorry about the lack of an outfit post, but I'll just put up an old picture or two instead. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on top of things!

Outfit Details:   Top: Vanity   Tank: Downeast Basics   Belt: thrifted   Skirt: bought in Philippines   Wedges: American Eagle   Necklace: garage sale find   bangles: Claires

I wore this over the summer when my friends and I went downtown and explored. We ate out at an old 50's themed place, and it was awesome! The best part was the jukebox :)
You can bet we emptied our wallets of quarters.
This skirt was perfect for dancing around in. Now if only I knew some 50's dance moves!
Well, we made it through Monday...four more days to go.


Ari_Ari said...

ha ha ha,love the outfits :D

Megan said...

What a cute skirt! Love all the fall colors. Have fun walking the puppies, sounds fun :)

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