♪Kiss Me♪

You know that Sixpence None the Richer song, Kiss Me?
For some reason, these pictures taken beneath the trees reminds me of it. 

I told you I'm in love with knit beanies! Haha, this is the other one I own, in a grey shade. 
So today I felt like wearing my glasses, which are the bold, nerdy chic type. Contacts are nice, but something about glasses just appeals to my inner nerd. :) Plus, they make you stand out!

Outfit Details   Top: Billabong   Cardigan: thrifted Huntington   Skirt: Style&Co   Tights: Walmart   Boots: thrifted   Hat: Claires

These photos (and the ones in my last post) were taken by my mom since Kirsten and I can't get together until the weekend. Didn't she do awesome!? I thought I'd return the favor and take pictures of (and with!) her.
I love my mom. She truly is an inspiration to me. We butt heads a lot, but only because we have the same stubborn streak. But really, she's the one who keeps me grounded and makes sure I've got my head screwed on straight.

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