OOTD // Fashion Is My Art

The title of this post expresses exactly how I view fashion.
Of course, its also enjoyable dressing well and being stylish. But to me, putting together prints, trying new things that work, and creating something different from what others are wearing, is an art. It is an expression of creativity. 

Outfit Details:   Top: ella moss   Skirt: Liz Clairborne   Tights: Walmart   Boots: Mom's   Necklace: Forever 21

Look at my candy corn nails! :D I'm so happy with them. A classmate today told me "Your nails make me want to nibble on them." Haha, that made me laugh. Guess they turned out pretty good. Here's the link on how to do them:

Next week is Halloween everyone! :D


Bonnie said...

I love your nails! They are so adorable.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Love the print on the skirt!! sooo adoorablee!

Pop Champagne said...

the necklace is SO pretty! I love stone necklaces :D

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