Thrifty Scores

There's nothing more exciting to me than going to an ancient thrift store run by sweet little grandmas and getting down and dirty in the clothes.
Did that sound a little weird? Haha, perverts!
Seriously, it's very satisfying when you pop into a dingy thrift store that's having a "EVERYTHING 25 CENTS" sale that's loaded with little treasures.
Combined, mom and I spent $6.75. Can't feel guilty about that kind of shopping!
So here are a few of my finds. And of course, I'll save the best for last. So keep scrolling. ;)
First off, this is the outfit I put together to go into town.
Shorts: vintage Gap (.50) Shirt: thrifted August Silk ($3) Bag: stolen from mom's closet ;) Necklace: DIY brooch-necklace Sandals: Ancient flip flops I've had forever!

Look at this nautical little combo! This bag will add a perfect sailor twist to a lot of my clothes, and those bright, neon yellow moccasins? They make me smile just looking at them. :)

I found these sweet little suede shoes at the bottom of their shoe rack and instantly knew I had to have them. I know, they're a little old-fashioned for a 17-year-old girl to own, but you know what? I don't care. Besides, I've always felt like I was born in the wrong century.

But of course, every girl in every century just has to own a pair of leather boots. I mean, come on! I love the heel on these, how they're not too high like my other pair. I feel ready to hit the town with these!

And then I stumbled across this lovely pleather bag. I love it! It's like those bucket bags that everyone's still toting around. Plus, the quilt look? Love love love!

Ah yes, a perfectly brand new, stainless, white pencil skirt. I know, I couldn't believe it either when I found it. I had to turn it inside out to check for holes or hidden stains, but it literally was perfect!

And last but not best finds! This is a YL dress by Yair with some gorgeous rose patterning on the front. Best part is the way it fits! I know my boyfriend will love it ;) haha
Also, this light and springy trench coat. I've been looking for more neutrals/pastels to add to my wardrobe and this is the perfect thing for it!
My mom told me I look like Jackie Kennedy in this getup. Haha, what do you think?
Happy thrifting!
Peace, Love, and Chocolate

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