Summer Festivities!

  So yesterday I was in our nearby city and was passing by the downtown area and heard some loud music. Naturally, I had to investigate. I parked the car, got out, and followed the music. Turns out there was a local band that was covering old rock songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s! It was pretty crowded, with all sorts of people sitting on the benches, their fold-up chairs, and some out in the middle of the road just dancing. It made me smile, and unfortunately I didn't even think of photographing some of it until the very end. And then when I started taking a few shots I was given quite a few odd looks and even glares. Sadly, I let them intimidate me and slipped my camera back inside my purse. But next time there's one of these little concerts I'm not holding back!

  Then today mom and I visited our new friend, Ruth. She's 66, a wildly funny, spunky lady, and a shopaholic like me. She's like the cool grandma I never had. Funny thing is, this was the 3rd time we've spent with her but she already feels like an old family friend :)
  We went walking out to the canyon and I managed to snap a few decent shots. (Seeing as how last night's definitely weren't the best...)

                Hope you're having a warm summer!
Peace, Love, Chocolate

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