I have a love/hate relationship with roadtrips. The feeling of getting on the road and traveling and seeing new places is something I've always enjoyed! However...the fact that it is very difficult to keep up with workout routines and all the junk food that is devoured along the way has a way of catching up with me by the time I get back home...
  We went to Tacoma, WA this past week for some fun, and I'll admit, I greatly enjoyed the cooler weather there. It was around the upper 70s the whole time!

 Some sweet iced tea at Sharis :)
 My super comfy new tee from PacSun. A roadtrip must!
 Borrowed ring from my mom's closet. Hehe, best place to shop! Everything's free ;)
(Please excused the chipped nail polish).
 I'm in love with turquoise accented jewelry. Especially this statement necklace!
Shirt: Pac Sun   Necklace: Debs   Ring: mom's closet   Shorts:   Fred Meyer   Bag: vintage

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