Wednesday, July 27, 2016

OOTD // I have a thing for rompers

Romper: c/o AMIClubwear   Clutch/Wedges: thrifted
Quick disclaimer on this romper: it was sent to me from AMI Clubwear, is selling for $13.50, and trust me, you'll get what you pay for.

I love love love this romper - the print and off-the-shoulder design is summer perfection!
However, keep in mind that the material is super cheap, is a little more sheer than comfortable (AKA: wear flesh toned underwear), and I've already spotted a few stray threads on the ruched sleeves.

But I mean, if you want a quick and trendy romper for the hot months while we have them, it's not a terrible option, honestly! I personally am planning on taking this cutie with me to Belize.

That's right, Belize. Because that's where I'm heading in a few weeks!

A few months ago, while daydreaming about what trips I should take during the summer, a friend sent me a link that said you could buy a round trip ticket to Belize for under $500. Naturally, I pounced on the idea. I'll be taking plenty of photos and more than likely will vlog the whole trip, so stay up to date and subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE!

What travel necessities would you recommend?

Friday, July 22, 2016

REVIEW // Dorco Razors

Ahhhh, summer time. Suns out, bums out. Right?
Well that also means legs. And for me, that means leg hair. Tis the season to shed the furry coat that's been hiding under my thick tights and pants. Most people like to compliment me on my thick head of hair, but what they often forget is that if a girl's got a lot of hair, that applies to everywhere.

As a girl who just feels more comfortable with smooth legs and pits, summer can be downright annoying at times. EVERY DAY I have to whip out the razor and go over the stubbles. That leads to a constant need for replenishing my shaving supplies, and I've gone through my share of cheap drugstore razors.

So when Dorco offered to supply me with one of their razors, I jumped at the chance.
The Shai 6 blade they sent me has (you guessed it) six blades, making it an impressive shaving machine. Not only that, but the rubber grips paired with the sturdy metal makes for what feels like a luxurious blade. I love that the lubricating strip is infused with quality ingredients such as olive oil and chamomile! Plus, it comes with one extra cartridge to start with!

You can order more as you need them off their site, but with this heavy duty blade, I predict I won't have to for a while.

Did I mention this high quality razor is only $5.75? Use my code: "GODORCO20until August 31 for a 20% discount on any of their products!

Until I decide to just invest in laser hair removal (trust me, it's a dream of mine), Dorco will be a happy supplement for hair removal!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

OOTD // Sexy swimsuits are scary

Bodysuit: c/o AMI Clubwear   Jeans: thrifted   Belt: H&M   Heels: Lulus
Confession: this "bodysuit" is actually a swimsuit. And I have no idea how anyone would actually swim in it. Unless you like wearing body tape into the ocean, prepare to have a lot of nip slippage scares and avoid any rambunctious motions. 

This swimsuit is from AMI Clubwear, and while I like the design, print, and overall sexy, summery vibe, I can not for the life of me figure out how anyone could comfortably go swimming in this. Then again, most swimsuits aren't exactly designed with the thought of athleticism involved I suppose...

For all you sunbathers who like one pieces, this one's for you then!

As for me, I like wearing it as a bodysuit. It's perfect for a sassy night out with your girl friends. Or just posing in your backyard. Either will work, and both are vastly improved if you get your hands on a peach margarita. Enjoy the summer while it lasts I say!

Monday, July 18, 2016


Not much to say about this other than I just want to go hiking to a lake and have this on replay while I splash about in the cool, refreshing water. Dreamy yet upbeat, it's the perfect electronic combination of ethereal vocals and chill beats.

It's a hot one today! Stay cool today, lovelies.

Happy Monday!
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