5 Tips for Traveling Cheap

Saturday, May 20, 2017

1. Sign up for Scott's Cheap Flights

I just saw an e-mail the other day telling me about $400/$500 round trip flights to Tokyo during cherry blossom season. Um, what? If you want to see a little bit of everywhere and don't have one set place in mind, sign up for Scott's Cheap Flights to get notified of amazing deals for sites around the world! 

2. Take advantage of helpful travel apps

Ever heard of Hopper? I used this handy app a ton to find cheap flights and when the best time was to buy tickets. Of course, if you've followed along on my social medias, you'd know I've since upgraded to working at the airport, which has massively helped me travel cheaply. However! I booked quite a few trips before on Hopper, and I can definitely recommend it to everyone.

3. Live like a local and use AirBnb

I once took a two day trip to Mexico with a friend, and the total amount paid for my half of an AirBnb was $30. Trust me, AirBnb is sooo worth it, especially if you can split the cost with some travel buddies. Just make sure to find a place with a solid amount of positive reviews! If you want, use my AirBnb code (HERE) to save us both some money!

4. Don't be afraid of street vendors

One of my favorite ways to get a taste of the place I'm visiting (literally) is to buy treats and dishes from locals and street vendors. Some of the most delicious foods I've tried have come from the not-so-polished streets and alleys most tourists avoid. 

5. Take a certain amount out of your paycheck every time and save it for traveling.

There are apps created to help you do this (I hear Acorn is a great one!), but since I have a part time barista job, I usually take all the tips I make from my shift and stuff it in a wine bottle. Yes, a wine bottle. You know how impossible it is to dig that cash out when you're tempted to go shopping for clothes or makeup? You literally have to break the thing to get to your savings. It works great and stops me from making impulsive purchases. Not to mention, when I travel to another country I like taking physical cash to exchange.

I hope these little tips might have helped! What are your traveling hacks? Any trips planned?

#CoconutGlow with Marc Beauty | Coconut Gel Highlighter Review

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I've never been a huge fan of gel based makeup. Gel eyeliner? Give me a felt tip please. Gel blush? Ugh, do you want me to look like a clown? Gel highlighter?

I received this product complimentary of Influenster and Marc Jacobs Beauty for testing purposes, and here are my thoughts. 
For achieving a glow from within, this is your new favorite highlighter. I only needed a tiny bit to get out of this world shine. It has a goldenish tint which suits my skin and helps warm up my skin despite the cold weather. When using a light amount, the typical "sticky" feel that accompanies most gel-based products is nowhere to be found. Just don't go overboard! Which, as I've already pointed out, you don't need much to go a long way. 
All in all, I really love this new highlighter! It gives a beautiful, healthy glow, has a subtle, pleasant scent (dat coconut hype is real!), and it doesn't leave a sticky residue like most gel-based products do.

What do you think? Have you tried this highlighter? Share in the comments below!

Spring Break Roadtrip: Las Vegas, Antelope Canyon, Lake Havasu

Friday, March 31, 2017

Five days on the road, and over 2,000 miles later, this spring break was one to document. 

♦ Got free tickets to see Cash Cash 
♦ If you go to Rock & Reilly's, order Irish Nachos with a steak add-on. SO. GOOD.
♦ The Venetian will always be a really cool resort to walk through. 
♦ Dress codes for night clubs only apply to dudes. As long as you're a female, you'll get in no problem.
♦ Fremont Street is a must-do! Watch crazy street performers and shows, and don't forget to walk down to Container Park to check out the giant praying mantis that shoots flames out of his antennae!
♦ If you ever need to feel small, visit the Grand Canyon.
♦ Even when you're right there viewing it, it can still feel surreal.
♦ Horseshoe Bend really is just like those pictures. Absolutely incredible. However, a tip I wish we'd done was suck it up and go out there at the break of dawn to avoid all the other tourists. 
♦ Everyone needs to visit Antelope Canyon. These slot canyons can transport you to what feels like another planet. 
♦ Flagstaff, Arizona gets snow. Like, a lot of it. If we'd known we would end up spending the night there I'm sure we would've packed at least one decent it was, we went traipsing through eight inches of snow in light cardigans. Not the most ideal.
♦ According to our Lyft driver, this once popping, spring breaker getaway has died down compared to previous years. So if you're looking for a calmer location, this place isn't too bad!
♦ London Bridge. They have one in Lake Havasu City, UK flags and all. It's pretty cool.
♦ Kokomos is the hot spot to be, and if you're able to form a girl's dance group on the floor, it's a far better experience.
♦ If you're a girl wearing a hat, you're practically asking for guys to use it as an opening. Whether they comment on it or steal it. I'm just grateful I was able to dance-chase down my thief and get it back!
♦ Having a solid day spent by the pool and barbecuing is one of the best activities to do with a friend. 

Watch my vlog on the whole trip below and follow along on Instagram for regular updates on where I'm currently at @the_dragonfruit!

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