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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Swimsuit Top: c/o Zaful

Ever hit those patches of life that throw you for a loop? Just when you feel like you're slowly veering back on track, BAM! Life grabs you by the neck and rocket punches you off into the sky of uncertainty, letting you float around helplessly until you find your bearing again.

But that's the exciting thing about life. You never know what's coming. You can try and plan every last detail down but the only thing you can count on is something unexpected to happen.

I think a part of me has embraced that lifestyle in the past year. Every punch that's been delivered I've learned to roll with - and it's made life that much more bearable and pleasant! 

So take the sweet moments when they come and savor them to their full extent. And remember them when the bitter times follow, so you can remain hopeful through them. 

My son, eat honey, for it is good, and the drippings of the honeycomb are sweet to your taste.Proverbs 24:13

Travel | Two Days in Tulum, Mexico

Monday, January 8, 2018

The beauty of nonrev traveling - you can hop on a plane and end up in another country for just a day or two. My most recent international travel involved a two day trip to Tulum, Mexico. My co-worker and I both needed to escape Boise's bitterly cold winter, and what better way than to head south?

So in two days, we swam in cenotes, drank out of fresh coconuts, discovered ruins, ate a lot of tacos, and soaked in the sun and waves. It was a beautiful little getaway and I highly recommend Tulum as a destination for your next vacation! If small beach  towns are your thing, add this to your list! I highly enjoyed the fact that it was small enough we could bike to almost any spot we needed to get to.

As for me, I have a trip planned for the end of this month that has me purchasing swimsuits and consistently hitting the gym. Any guesses as to where I'll go next?

What are your travel destinations for 2018?

Travel | Hot Springs Close to Boise, Idaho

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Just a few hours drive from Boise is a stretch of highway that's peppered with natural hot springs, and many adventurous souls have dared to hike the trails to reach these beautiful, remote locations. Last month, my friends and I went to two of the more popular spots, Pine Flats Hot Springs and Kirkham Hot Springs. Here are the photos from that.
So first up, Pine Flat Hot Springs. It was a bit of a hike down, especially with everything covered in snow. We slipped and carefully slided our way down, gaping at the winter wonderland around us. 
Seriously, I hate winter and the snow, but it still makes for a beautiful season to wonder at. 

We found ourselves at the base of the campground area where the river trickled through. Steam rose from the jagged rocks while massive icicles contrasted sharply against the background. Not another soul was in the area and we got to witness this stunning location all to ourselves. I stripped down to my bathing suit, laughing to myself at how unreal it was to do so. We had just gone traipsing through snow and were surrounded by icy beauty, yet because of the hot springs warming my feet and legs, it was comfortable to waltz around in a swimsuit. 
Next up is the most popular spot by far for many Idahoans. Kirkham Hot Springs.
 It's easy to see why too - this place is beautiful, with multiple pools of hot springs groups can slip into while having semi-privacy thanks to the rocky terrain. Once again we braved the icy, snowy ground to reach this oasis, but it was right by the parking lot and wasn't so much of a hike. 

Unfortunately it wasn't as secluded as the last place, as we had several groups that showed up shortly after we settled into a spot. It wasn't bad, but the remote atmosphere was semi-ruined by it and we left a little afterwards. Still, totally worth it, and totally worth a return trip!
Have you ever been to a hot springs? What was your impression of them?

I want to plan another group outing to this stretch of highway and find even more! 

2018 Debate | Instagram or Blogging?

Friday, January 5, 2018

To be honest, 2017 was not my year for blogging. I wholeheartedly tackled Instagram and actually crafted a feed that stuck to a certain branding I had in mind. It paid off, and I was able to make better content, partnerships, and connections through it!

However, if you haven't heard the complaints about the Instagram algorithm changes, have you even been on the internet? It's a real bitch, let me tell you. Because of it, many influencers have been turned off by the platform and have returned to blogging (myself included). I'm not giving up on Instagram, but I'm going to be devoting more time to where I originally started, that's for sure! 

The reason I went with Instagram for the year was because of my schedule. This past summer was intense and sucked up all of my time, leaving me with barely any to create quality blog content. Instead, it became easier to quickly snap a photo, type up some hashtags, and share it on Instagram. The platform is strictly for visuals and makes it insanely easy to garner comments and instantly connect with other accounts. Whereas blogging tends to suck up more time, especially since I like to do some heavier editing with text and design.

However I miss the long write ups I can do through blogging (exhibit A being this post comparing the two platforms). I feel like I can dive more freely into lengthier discussions this way!

Tell me, which do you prefer? Instagram or blogs?
Share your accounts with me in the comments below!
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